I am available for hire to co-create, collaborate on, and consult on film, television, curatorial, and interactive media projects on topics relate to my research including:

  • extraordinary human experiences deemed to be spiritual, religious, anomalous, or paranormal – especially those that transformed the lives of experiencers
  • survival after death, including visitations from the dead, near-death experiences, alleged bodily possessions, and past life memories
  • human-animal relationships
  • concepts of ecological-spiritual consciousness
  • new religious movements (including those called “New Age” or “self-spirituality”)
  • the paranormal, supernatural, or psi phenomena
    • the poltergeist phenomenon
    • ghostly phenomenon such as apparitions and hauntings
    • psychic or psi phenomena such as telepathy and clairvoyance
    • premonitions, including premonitory dreams
  • potentially psychosomatic phenomena such as altered states of consciousness, physical expressions, spontaneous dermatological formations, etc.

If you are seeking to create original programming, media, or exhibitions on these topics, please contact me to discuss further.

I may be available to be interviewed regarding these topics, but only on research that I have already published.  See published works for a list of what I have published so far.