I love teaching – both as an academic lecturer and leading public education, such as workshops, seminars, and courses. Below, my past students share how much they have valued my teaching style and course content.

Academic Teaching

Since 2008, I have taught diverse students from humanities and science disciplines, undergraduate and graduate, in-person and online.

Starting in Fall 2017, I will be an instructor at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. I will be teaching GLS 592: Frontier Sciences for the Graduate Liberal Studies Program. Further courses will be announced and linked here as they are offered.

I was the lecturer for two first-year online courses at the University of British Columbia, HIST 106: Global Environmental History and HIST 104: Topics of World History, Cultures in Contact, 1200-2000.  For HIST 106, I designed original course modules on human relations to natural earth forces, animal studies, and environmental ethics.

I specialize in teaching history of religions, history of science, and environmental history courses, as well as global history, the United States, Britain, and Europe, especially modern history.

Public Education

I am eager to bridge my scholarly research with public education, particularly in areas focusing on personal transformation, coping with life’s uncertainties, and incorporating a range of experiences into one’s worldview.

I offer talks, seminars, workshops, and courses on these topics, providing historical contexts, case studies, and exercises that enable participants to gain a view of their personal life experiences in relation to world religions, the sciences, and the natural world.

Details on public education projects will be posted here as they become available.

Student Testimonials

The following student testimonials attest to recent students’ overall satisfaction and intellectual enrichment from my classes. The comments are from anonymous surveys of the students conducted at universities in which I taught (original copies available).

“Great professor. Very accessible via email, considerate, and encouraging.”

Christopher “showed caring for each student through personal e-mails and offered to help in all possible ways. Emails were replied to within the day usually and all the feedback given was useful.”

Christopher “was very good about trying to form a connection with the students even though this was an online course…. It was very nice to participate in that kind of environment and I think my online participation helped with my learning.”

Christopher “was very diligent when reading the comments on our discussion board and furthered the conversation with his thought provoking analysis. He also did an extremely thorough job when reading our papers, giving incredibly helpful feedback.”

“Christopher has been extremely helpful and warm towards us, he is very responsive and reasonable.”

“Mr. Laursen was very helpful throughout the course. He responded to e-mails very quickly and showed genuine concern for student learning…. He was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and his attitude towards the students inspired learning and discussion.”

“Christopher was one of the most open profs I’ve had. He genuinely cared about our learning…. He went above and beyond for me…. Christopher reminded me that there are good profs out there that will be there for you and encourage learning. It was a breath of fresh air for sure! He made us care about the course and I think we all took something away from it.”

“I really like the essay markups… because he provided constructive feedback and methods to improve our writing.”

Christopher “was very empathetic and responded with exactly what I needed every time.”

Christopher “gave me the opportunity and the tools to improve my work, which I am very grateful for.”

“I learned a lot and am now reaping the benefits of better quality papers!”